Ten children benefitting from cardiac surgery at children’s hospital

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton engages with six-year-old Alex Dormer during a visit to the Bustamante Hospital for Children’s paediatric cardiac centre on Wednesday. Looking on are Alex’s parents, Diana Johnson and Warren Dormer and Intensivist with Chains of Hope, Dr Intikhab Zafurallah.​

The health ministry says 10 children who suffer from heart-related diseases are currently benefitting from life-saving surgeries.

The series of procedures started on January 6 at the Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC) and will conclude on Friday (Jan 10). The surgeries are being conducted by a local medical team in partnership with Chain of Hope UK.

The ministry says that each year, more than 400 children are born in Jamaica with congenital heart diseases.

UK-based charity Chain of Hope has saved 240 lives over two years, the ministry adds, pointing out that “the foundation’s astounding contribution to BHC over the years is worthy of emulation”.

“Chain of Hope, UK has provided specialized personnel and instrument, which has strengthened the efforts by Dr Sherard Little, consultant paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon and his team at the BHC to perform more lifesaving cardiac treatment. For the past 22 years of its existence, the foundation has played a fundamental role in shaping and improving the lives of over 700 children worldwide, who were unable to afford open-heart surgery and catheterisation procedures,” the health ministry said.