Tensions high in Cayman as post-election negotiations continue

Right Wayne Panton and on the left Roy McTaggart; both candidates are tipped to be Premier following conclusion of elections in Cayman.

Two days after Caymanians went to the polls to vote in the country’s general elections, negotiations are still taking place to determine who will form the next government.

At the close of the polls on election night (April 14), the country’s Progressives had expressed confidence that they had enough support to form the next government.

Seven Progressive party members, in addition to alliance partner Dwayne Seymour were successful at the polls, with indications from the party that Roy McTaggart would likely be the next premier.

McTaggart said he believed up to six victorious independents would be willing to join a Progressives-led government, forming a 14-member coalition government.

However, following a breakdown in communication between the party and some independent candidates who were successful at the polls, news emerged that there is likely to be an alternative coalition composed of 11 independent members, with Wayne Panton tipped as the candidate for premier.

According to Governor of the Cayman Islands, Martyn Roper, with the exception of Panton, no other group or coalition has come forward seeking to form the government.

“As part of the constitutionally mandated process, the candidate representing the majority of votes in the Parliament must meet with me to confirm their ability to form a Government, as Mr Panton has done. I have, to date, received no formal requests concerning this matter from any other candidates,” Roper said in a statement.

“The next step in the process is the publication of a proclamation to call a session of the Parliament, which Mr Panton has requested for Wednesday,  April 21, at which all newly elected and appointed Members of Parliament will be sworn in, and vote for a Premier,” he added.

Roper’s statement also dismissed rumours that there would be a swearing-in ceremony on Friday.

According to the Governor, coalitions that have been announced are provisional until they are confirmed through a vote in Parliament.

General elections were held in the Cayman Islands on April 14, 2021 to elect the 19 members of the Parliament.

Though Cayman is officially a non-self-governing territory, it elects a 19-seat Parliament and has a premier that is appointed by the Governor.