Original Superman cape fetches US$190K at auction

Super-expensive! Christopher Reeves in a scene from the 1978 Superman movie (Photo: Amazon.com)

The classic red cape worn by American actor Christopher Reeves in the ‘original’ 1978 Superman movie, has set an auction record as it was sold recently for US$193,750.

According to California company Julian’s Auctions, the red cape, which features Superman’s distinctive insignia in yellow, was part of its Icons & Idols: Hollywood auction held in Beverly Hills on Monday, (Dec 16).

“An original cape worn by Christopher Reeve in his iconic role in Superman makes only its second auction appearance after 40 years,” Julian’s website explained. “This costume piece was part of a world-wide contest to promote the movie’s release in 1978 with the grand prize being one of the six original capes made for and used in the film.”

The winner was personally selected by Christopher Reeve himself, and the cape includes a 1979 letter from DC Comics’ President, their editor and publisher, as well as a copy of a photo of Reeve choosing the winner and more.

(Photo: Comic Book News)

“This is one of the few costume artefacts that can be positively attributed to the first film of the series and worn on-screen by Reeve,” Julian’s Auctions stated.

Over 400 items taken out of the vault and production archives of Hollywood’s greatest films from the ‘Golden Age’ to today’s modern and new box office classics got the spotlight at Julian’s Auction block for the first time.

The top coming attractions were two original iconic props with ‘tremendous provenance’ featured in two of Hollywood’s biggest film franchises of all time: The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the original Superman.

According to Julien’s, the sale price set a world record for the highest amount paid for a superhero cape.