The case of the missing chicken – thieves make off with frozen meat

We don’t know what’s going on but it seems like persons want chicken so badly, they are willing to steal it.

Just last week, a report emerged that a woman saw her 21-piece KFC chicken meal stolen from her as she walked out of a KFC outlet in Kingston.

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But it seems that would not be the last of news surrounding pilfered chicken, because, on Christmas Eve, thieves broke into the Jamaica Broilers facility at Spring Village in Old Harbour and drove out with a refrigerated truck laden with 300 bags of its Best Dressed chicken.

The truck which was expected to have made deliveries on the busy was driven away about 2:45 am from a facility that is said to be heavily guarded.

The police, however, managed to locate the truck in another community and 80 of the bags of chicken were recovered.

The police continue to investigate the matter.