The dawn of a new era: Britain leaves EU today

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Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

After three and a half years of trying, Britain becomes the first country to leave the European Union, the elite club of countries it joined 70 years ago.

It’s departure will happen an hour before midnight, and Britain will then enter a a transition period for the next 11 months.

The EU will be deprived of 15% of its economy, its biggest military spender and the world’s international financial capital of London.

While this break away will shape the fate of the United Kingdom, and determine its wealth, for generations to come.

For Brexit supporters, today represents “independence day” as the United Kingdom would have now escaped what they cast as a doomed German-dominated project that is failing its 500 million population.

But the opponents believe Brexit is a folly that will weaken the West, torpedo what is left of the United Kingdom’s global clout, undermine its economy and ultimately lead to a more insular and less cosmopolitan set of islands in the northern Atlantic.