‘The enemy is the government’: Rise United campaign director pleads for PNP unity

Dr Angela-Brown is calling on supporters of Peter Bunting to stand behind Dr Peter Phillips.

Rise United campaign director Dr Angela Brown-Burke is calling for disappointed supporters of defeated presidential contender Peter Bunting to stand behind Dr Peter Phillips.

Brown-Burke told BUZZ that harsh words were exchanged during the bruising presidential campaign. However, she is appealing to fellow-Bunting supporters to put aside feelings of bitterness.

“There is no need to be bitter. We fought a good fight, we raised some issues that needed to be raised, we evoked passion and energy in the People’s National Party,” she said.

Peter Bunting was unsuccessful in his effort to take the presidency of the PNP on Saturday (Sept 7).

“We are comrades and we are duty-bound to support the Comrade leader who has emerged. We just have to do the work that we have to do. At the end of the day there is one enemy and that is the government and what they are doing to the people of Jamaica,” Brown-Burke added.

Brown-Burke, who did not support her husband’s choice of Phillips, said all Comrades must now move on in unity.