The first-ever tweet is being sold for US$2.5 million…at least!

The first tweet ever made will be sold for at least US$2.5 million.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The tweet was made by the platform’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, in March, 2006 and consists of five words. That’s it.

It’s received over 152,000 likes and 130,000 comments to date.

Dorsey posted the link to the Valuables by Cent listing on the weekend, offering up the tweet for sale, with the highest bid currently at the insane $2.5 million.

And get this, if you’d like to purchase it yourself, you’d need to submit a bid that’s at least 10 per cent higher!

If you’re contemplating selling organs on the black market to get the this piece of social media history, maybe you want to see what you’re buying first.