Thief falls asleep on couch while breaking into house in Antigua

Police in Antigua arrested a man who broke into a home in Falmouth and was found sleeping on a couch over the weekend.

According to police, the man who has since been identified as Keanu Gianni Dennie, was charged with Breaking with Intent, Malicious Damage, and Breaking Curfew.

Dennie who appeared in court on Monday (June 14) pled not guilty to the curfew breaking charge.

The other two charges against him were dropped by the complainant who said she did not want to proceed with the  matter.

This isn’t the first time Dennie has been charged with house breaking, in late May a home owner in reviewing her surveillance camera footage observed the accused attempting to break into her house.

However, the woman said she decided to drop the charges against him after learning that Deenie suffered from mental illness.

“My home was one that he came to. After reviewing my security tapes I can honestly say he wasn’t intending on breaking with no intent. He was going through something. Instead of labeling when will we address mental health, “ said the woman, who shared about her ordeal on Facebook.

Dennie’s bail was set at $1000.00