This Dutchman does fly: Johannes Reijnen making a splash in motorcross

Johannes Reijnen has been making a splash in motorcross locally.

Johannes Reijnen has been on the island for only three years, yet this ex-pat has been making a big splash on the motocross scene. And he has gained the nickname ‘The Flying Dutchman’ for his aggressive aerial riding style.

“I’m extremely proud to be a part of MX Jamaica. We have such a nice group of people together. The vibes at our events or even a regular track day are the best,” Reijnen said.

Reijnen’s story started at a young age in his home country of The Netherlands. “From I was a kid I had passion for bikes, although I only started riding them at the age of 15,” he related.

He was a permanent fixture at the dirt tracks in The Netherlands from 2002 to 2005. In 2016 he came to Jamaica for work and found his love for the sport rekindled. “Kyle Reynolds of IrieRacing got me back in the sport. I did a few enduro tours with Irie Moto Tours and that was where it all started again,” he said.

As motocross began its big revival in 2018, Reijnen was on-board, his Kawasaki a common sight at the two venues on the island where he impressed spectators and competitors alike attacking the natural ramps at full tilt.

“My country is known for its dirt tracks. These give a lot more grip and it’s softer to land on, but it’s also more physically demanding as deep ruts will cut in the track throughout the day. I like the fact that we have a fast, hard-packed track at DaCosta Farms and a more technical track with softer surface at Temple Hall. Hopefully next year a Montego Bay track will open with again a completely different layout and soil,” he said.

When asked to describe his riding style, Reijnen had this to say: “Call it maximum airtime. I like the fact I’m getting more aggressive in the races. I learned a lot from training with Kyle Reynolds and Simon Khouri.”

For 2019 Reijnen attracted the attention of Lubit, a local bulk lubricants products distributor, to go along with his new bike a KTM. “We made our agreement in June this year and they’ll be supplying me with Sunoco race fuel and racing gear.”

While Reijnen admits that work does keep him busy, he spends a lot of his off time exploring the island and relaxing with the friends he’s made during his time in Jamaica.

—Written by Nichola Beckford