Three people in Hawaii get COVID-19 after being vaccinated

(Photo: The conversation)

Uh-oh, this is not the news that anyone wants to read right now.

Three people in Hawaii who were fully-vaccinated have tested positive for COVID-19. News station KITV reported that the individuals became infected after receiving both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

Luckily, none of them became severely ill, and according to the country’s Health Minister, it doesn’t appear that any of them transferred the virus to anyone else.

Despite this, health officials are still encouraging citizens to get vaccinated

“Remember, 95% of people get immunity from the vaccines and 5% don’t from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine,” Lt. Gov. Josh Green told news station KHON2.

“Some people are going to dive on to this and say, oh, then the vaccine doesn’t work. No, it does work. It works in a huge percentage of people, but not everyone and that’s an important message,” Green added.