Ticketmaster to pay US$10-million fine over hacking charges

Concert ticket seller Ticketmaster will pay US$10M to escape criminal prosecution for allegedly hacking a start-up rival.

Ticketmaster agreed yesterday to pay a US$10-million fine to escape prosecution over criminal charges accusing the company of hacking into the computer system of a start-up rival.

A judge signed off on the deal in federal court in New York City. The concert ticket seller for big-name acts had been facing multiple charges of conspiracy to commit hacking and wire fraud targeting a Brooklyn-based company called Songkick.

Ticketmaster said in a statement that the conduct involved only two employees who were fired in 2017.

Prosecutors alleged that Ticketmaster had sought to infiltrate systems created by Songkick for artists seeking to sell seats in advance of general ticket sales. They said the goal was to dissuade Songkick’s clients from working with the company.