TikTok tops list in giving advertisers bang for buck

TikTok has emerged from nowhere as one of the top platforms for advertising return on investment (ROI), joining perennial leaders Google and Facebook. Apple Search Ads shows its own emerging power: hitting all 12 top regional and vertical lists.

Singular ROI Index analyzes $6.3B in ad spend for 2.2B app installs across 550 networks to identify the world’s top ad networks for ROI in mobile user acquisition.

TikTok almost literally exploded, with ad spend jumping 75X from May to November.

Growing 614 million users in a single year can do that.

Google and Facebook, of course, still lead in volume and adoption and ROI. In fact, they both appear on 10 of the 12 winning lists. But it’s gratifying to see the power of focus: smaller companies can still outperform the giants in specific niches.

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Good for you TikTok! Now let’s get back to scrolling through our feeds…