Toilet thief arrested in Japan

There’s a man in Japan who goes around stealing toilets. Ryusei Takada, 26, is suspected of stealing a number of toilets from houses in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture.

reportedly, Takada carried out his baffling crime while the houses were being constructed.

But his luck ran out and he was caught after he sold a brand new toilet to a second-hand store in the city.

Takada works as an office worker at one of the construction companies. And so police believe he used his knowledge of the workers’ schedules to sneak onto sites and steal the toilets while they were off shift.    

He stole his first toilet in October last year and has so far stolen a total of 18 items – most of them toilets from the construction sites, according to Sora News 24

He told Japanese Fuji News Network: ‘I sold it to a thrift shop and stole it to cover my living expenses.’