Tokyo Olympic athletes given 160,000 free condoms but warned not to use them

The organisers of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are trying to make the games as safe as possible. A total of 160,000 condoms will be distributed to participating athletes although they are being warned not to use them.

We know what you’re thinking…. why are they being distributed then? Well, you see BUZZ Fam, the distribution of condoms in the Olympic village is a long-standing tradition that the organisers decided to carry on, despite the pandemic and social distancing being encouraged at the games.

In fact, the International Olympic Committee reiterated its demands that residents of the Olympic village must observe social distancing guidelines to prevent an outbreak of Covid-19. Anyone who breaks these rules could be fined, disqualified, or even deported.

Recognizing their blunder, the organisers decided to spun this into a message of safe sex. The condoms are not intended for use in the athletes’ village, they said. Instead, they are meant to be taken home and used to raise awareness of HIV and Aids.