Tokyo Olympics creative chief resigns after calling plus-sized comedienne “Olympig”

Hiroshi Sasaki

The Tokyo Olympics if anything is revealing the true nature of some of the men on the committee.

The creative director for the Tokyo Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, Hiroshi Sasaki resigned after he made derogatory comments about a female comedian.

Sasaki proposed comedian and fashion designer Naomi Watanabe appear at the opening ceremony dressed as a pig, descending from the sky wearing pink ears posing as an “Olympig.”

But after his suggestion made it to group chats online and he faced scathing backlash, Sasaki walked away.

“My idea would be a huge insult to Ms Naomi Watanabe. This can’t be taken back,” Sasaki said in a statement. “I regret this from the bottom of my heart, and I deeply apologise to her and everyone who felt discomfort over this.”

“I tend to joke often, so I said it just as something that slipped out of my mouth,” he told weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun. “Wearing a cute pink costume and sticking her tongue out as an ‘Olympig’ — I thought that would make her look charming, but I was immediately reprimanded … I feel remorse.”

Watanabe is a plus-size fashion icon and inspiration to many people in a country where overweight people face considerable discrimination. And although she often faces bullying and insults on social media, she said she was “honestly quite surprised” by Sasaki’s comments.