‘TOTAL RUBBISH’: NHT bashed on social media for listing one-bedroom units for $10m

A promo for the Cashew Grove scheme in St James.

The National Housing Trust (NHT) is catching flak from social media users after it listed one-bedroom units in the Cashew Grove area of Irwin, St James for $10-million.

The listing was viewed as particularly outrageous as the unit is relative in size to the Estuary units which were sold for $4.5 million. Some persons even questioned whether the NHT made a mistake with the listing price, which was also posted to Facebook.

One Facebook user remarked: “NHT is not for the working class anymore. A one-bedroom for 10 million!!!!!! That’s ridiculous. And how much are you lending us to purchase, $6.5 mil? I think they need to remember the reason why NHT was created.”

“NHT, even though I don’t live in St James this price is ridiculous. You are a government entity, awash with cash so why this enormous price for a one-bedroom? Are you guys really catering to ordinary working-class persons? Come on, man! Hope no one applies,” commented another.

The floorplan of the unit.

“This is totally rubbish. It would be interesting to know how much was the purchase price for the land. I don’t see any logical reasons why NHT should purchased land in Irwin at an exorbitant price,” commented another social media user.

Applications are set to open Tuesday, (March 3) and will run through to the 6th. It’s uncertain how applicants will treat this one but based on recent happenings, persons have been taking up NHT offerings as soon as they are made available.