Tourist fined for taking sand from Italian beach

They say you shouldn’t take sand to the beach, but it seems you shouldn’t take it from a beach in Italy either.

White sand is a common feature of beaches in Sardinia, Italy. (Photo:

A man was stopped at the Cagliari Elmas Airport on the Italian island of Sardinia on September 1 after it was discovered that he had more than four pounds of idyllic white sand in his luggage. It is said that he tried to leave Italy with the sand in his luggage. He has been fined €1,000 (US$1,200).

The Italian island’s white sand is protected, and persons face fines and even jail time for removing the precious sand from the beach.

In fact, the French tourist got off a bit easy, as he could have been fined as much as €3,000.

This is not the first time someone has been charged for stealing sand in Italy. Last year, a French couple tried to steal 88 pounds of the sand, but they were caught by police.