Trini health authorities record 17 cases of influenza

The Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago has already recorded 17 cases of influenza since the start of 2020.

Officials confirmed the news via a press release on Monday, adding that the cumulative number of vaccines administered to the public for the flu season to 60,256.

The number of flu-related deaths still stands at 38. In 2019, there was a reported 3,638 cases of suspected influenza.

Since the start of the flu season in October 2019, the Ministry has been on a rigorous vaccination campaign, educating the public about the dangers of influenza and encouraging individuals to get their flu shots.

The campaign will run until the end of the flu season in May. The Ministry is reminding the public that the influenza virus should not be treated like the common cold and that vaccinations are free at health centres across the country.