Trini police chief offers to pray for pastor in ‘caged people’ case

Trinidad’s Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith offers prayers instead of apology to pastor in caged people case.

The pastor implicated in the ‘caged people’ saga in Trinidad has demanded an apology from Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith for raiding his facility. However, he will be getting lots of prayers instead.

Griffith said he will not apologise to Pastor Glen Awong but that he will pray for him.

“I do not apologise for stating facts. If the truth hurts, that is their problem. Not mine. If they believe that being a child of God is to have persons placed in cages and treated in a manner that I would not treat my dogs, then I would indeed pray for them,” Griffith said.

Pastor Glen Awong demands apology from Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

“I should apologise for rescuing law-abiding citizens from imprisonment? Good one. The 69 citizens are thankful for what I have done. Their view is what matters,” Griffith added.

The 69 people were rescued from the Transformed Life Ministry and Rehabilitation Centre in Arouca, on Wednesday (Oct 9). Some were found in cages.

Some of the persons who were held in cages at the Transformed Life Ministry and Rehabilitation Centre.

Griffiths said that some appeared to have been tortured and described it as the biggest case of human trafficking the country has seen. However, Pastor Awong denied the claims and demanded an apology from Griffith. Awong claimed that the raid was due to his lawsuit against the government in relation to his rehab centre.