Trinidad police officers charged with child trafficking

Photo: Alabama Public Radio

Two senior police officers are among three people charged with trafficking in persons for the purpose of exploitation.

Acting Inspector, 47-years-old, Rajesh Gookool, and 43-year-old Acting Sergeant Richard Lalbeharry, were also both charged with connection in child trafficking.

The officers have been charged with receiving a benefit knowing that it resulted from the offence of trafficking a child, supporting a gang in the commission of gang-related activity, and misbehaviour in public office.

Gookool was additionally charged with sexual penetration of a child.

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One of the officers has been charged with rape of a child (Photo:

A statement from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service said that the third accused, 39-years-old, Matthew Ross, a bar manager, also faces a charge of supporting a gang in the commission of gang-related activity.

The trio is expected to appear before a Chaguanas Magistrate in Central Trinidad on Wednesday.

The accused were suspected of trafficking in persons, mainly minors, from Venezuela.

Venezuelans have been fleeing their homeland to escape the political and economic crisis.

President Nicolas Maduro is under pressure from the United States and its allies to step down from office in favour of the Opposition Leader Juan Guaido.