Trinidad’s Commish wants to rid country of rogue cops

Gary Griffith, Trinidad Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith on Tuesday said that new crime initiatives would be rolled out in the new year, including plans to weed the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) of rogue cops.

Griffith, speaking at the weekly TTPS news conference, was also critical of sections of the media for having what he termed “an agenda” in wanting him out of the service.

“The biggest problem I have in reducing crime is the enemy within.”

— Griffith

He told reporters that he is working towards removing those police officers from the service, even as he acknowledged that it is a “very difficult” task.

“I am fighting a battle here, the biggest problem I have in reducing crime is the enemy within. I would not want to reveal too much at this time, obviously, it is a delicate matter…. but we are aware of who the individuals are,” Griffith said.

Not an easy task

He said certain individuals were transferred “because they were placed in strategic positions and they are now being monitored towards a major conspiracy to bring down a Commissioner of Police and possibly dealing with a possible homicide.

“We intend to clean up that and to make sure police officers must either be fired or to have a date of suspension to return to duty,” Griffith said.

But the head of the legal unit at the TTPS, Christian Chandler, told reporters that removing the rogue police officers may not be an easy task, insisting however that in 2020 changes would be made.

“These are things we have been plagued with… we want to ensure that we get all the different pieces together before we make an advancement of our recommendations for the reformation of the legislation.

“But I will say coming in the new year we are going to actively utilise what is there in the law. The law is there and we are going to push the envelope and I want to send this, and I am sounding the clarion warning to the rogue police officers out there that we are going to be taking active measures in terms of ridding the police service. Come 2020, it is a new decade and a TTPS going forward,” he told reporters.