Trinidad’s PM orders lockdown as coronavirus cases surge

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Keith Rowley

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Keith Rowley has announced new restrictions to curb the upsurge in coronavirus cases.

At an urgent press conference this afternoon, Prime Minister Rowley disclosed that Trinidad and Tobago has recorded 328 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours.

Describing this new number as “disturbing heights” the prime minister said his government had to take decisive action.

So until May 23;

1. All restaurants and bars will be closed at midnight.

2. All malls will be closed.

3. All places of worship will be closed.

4. All gyms and fitness centres will be closed.

5. All spas, beauty shops and hairdressing salons will be closed.

6. Casinos, betting houses, cinemas, theatres, and clubs will be closed.

7. The public service will operate on essential service only.

8. Tobago will be isolated by limiting the amount of flights in and out would be limited to three flights a day.

9. The sea bridge will operate on 25 per cent capacity.

10. All tours to various areas of recreation, the Bird Sanctuary, Buccoo reef, etc will end.

11. Gathering continue to be limited to groups of five.

12. Mask wearing continues to be enforced.

Prime Minister Rowley said the police has been given the authority to intervene in private spaces and take action if these orders are found to be in breach.

The Prime Minister said these measures are necessary to prevent the country from arriving at a national disaster.

Only 80,000 people in T&T have been vaccinated against the coronavirus so far.