Tropical Storm Josephine to develop this evening

The already active Atlantic hurricane season may have its next storm with Tropical Storm Josephine expected to form later this evening.

The tropical depression, the eleventh of the season, is moving through the Atlantic Ocean with strengthening likely in the next few hours. However, should it become a tropical storm, it may face unfavourable conditions by the weekend, stemming for further development.

The tropical depression is located about midway between Africa and the Lesser Antilles and moving westward. This movement will continue throughout today before it begins a west-northwesterly change.

Although it’s forecast to become a tropical storm soon, it will not make impact on land, at least through to Friday, based on projections.

Should the system, or any other, become Josephine before August 22, it will be the Atlantic’s earliest-forming “J” storm on record.

Increasing wind shear should make conditions less favourable for intensification this weekend, with the National Hurricane Center forecasting it to weaken.