Trouble in the Hanna camp? Councillor Ian Bell resigns from executive with immediate effect

A People’s National Party (PNP) councillor who served as part of the St Ann South Eastern constituency executive has resigned from his post.

Ian Bell,the councilor for the Beecher Town division, resigned from his post as part of the executive in a letter to Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna on June 8.

Bell in the letter stated that his resignation was with immediate effect, citing long standing issues.

It is understood that Bell had complained of disrespectful treatment, among general disapproval with the running of the constituency office.

In late May, MP Hanna in a series of tweets indicated she had been the victim of “ bullying” and had “salacious  accusations” leveled against her.

The PNP spokeswoman for foreign affairs at the time took to Twitterwhere she sought to fight back against the criticisms, noting that the almost daily attacks on her would not frighten her away from the party.

“Therefore, in protection of my reputation and integrity against those intent on continuously creating mischief, I say desist, It will take more to frighten me out of my commitment to the PNP and the people of Jamaica,” tweeted Hanna.

Hanna, who entered politics in 2017 is a four-time MP and has been serving in St Ann South Eastern.