Tru-Juice introduces locally grown pineapples to the mix

Tru-Juice, the flagship brand of Trade Winds Citrus Limited, has introduced its newest offering of locally grown pineapples. Inspired by the high demand of pineapples, and Jamaica’s inability to supply the need, Tru-Juice embarked on its mission to fill that gap by planting its first batch of pineapples in October 2018 and was able to reap its first crop in February of 2020.

Tru-Juice planted its first batch of pineapples in 2018 (Photo: Contributed)

Committed to producing high-quality products made from locally grown fruits and vegetables, the investment by Tru-Juice in the production of pineapples can best be described as precision agriculture. Managing Director of Trade Winds Citrus, Peter McConnell, explained “We are pleased to have Jamaicans working to produce something that globally can be considered as top-notch quality.

“We have acquired cutting-edge technology to ensure the future success of the project. We have been very precise with our land preparation, the planting density, the fertilizer programme and the constant monitoring for pests and disease.”

“We look forward to Jamaicans enjoying our truly sweet and delicious pineapples”

— Lauren Mahfood

Tru-Juice over the years has positioned itself as a nation builder, investing in agriculture, Jamaica’s resources and its people. With a firm belief in the potential of agriculture to effectively sustain the nation, the company has invested resources to aid in guiding Jamaica along that path.

Marketing Manager at Tru-Juice, Lauren Mahfood, explained the vision aligned with establishing Jamaica as a leading producer of pineapples both locally and globally. “Trade Winds believes in Brand Jamaica.

“We are a dynamic and innovative company that continues to invest in Jamaica and agriculture in particular.  The pineapple project is an example of that commitment and we look forward to Jamaicans enjoying our truly sweet and delicious pineapples,” Mahfood shared.

Tru-Juice is well known for oranges which are a great source of vitamin C and now positions itself to be the leading supplier of pineapples locally. So, the company has planted 1.35 million pineapple suckers and expects to have 1.6 million at the end of the first phase.

McConnell shared, “The Vitamin C component of pineapples is especially important in today’s battle against the Covid-19 disease in Jamaica; as such we encourage all Jamaicans to build their immune systems with an adequate daily dose of Vitamin C and stay strong.”