Trump says getting COVID-19 was a ‘blessing’

US President Donald Trump

After being fever-free for four days, and 24 hours with no COVID-19 symptoms, US President Donald Trump is now describing his illness as a “blessing”

In a video message on Wednesday, Trump said all Americans should have access to the treatments he was given.

“This was a blessing in disguise. I caught it, I heard about this drug, I said let me take it and it was incredible,” he said. Trump said he would seek emergency use authorisations for the drugs.

Trump also promised to provide the drugs produced by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals free of charge. These drugs, however, have not been approved by federal regulators.

A report from the President’s doctor, Sean Conley, says the 74-year-old continues to recover.

“His physical exam and vital signs, including oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, all remain stable and in normal range,” the report said. “The president’s labs demonstrated detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2-IgG antibodies on Monday, October 5th.”

“Levels drawn last Thursday had shown “undetectable” antibodies. We’ll continue to closely monitor, and I will update you as I know more,” it added.