Trump slams social media platforms, claims he made them a success

Former US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is still talking. This time he’s blasting owners of the different social media platforms and claims Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would come to The White House and ‘kiss his a**’ during the years he served as president.

“He used to come to the White House to kiss my a** and I’d say, “Oh, that’s nice. I have the head of Facebook coming with his lovely wife.”  

“They come and they’d have dinner with me in the White House. And then you see what they do about me and about Republicans [blocking them from Facebook] and it’s just sort of crazy. But that’s the way the world works.”

Trump was banned from all social media platforms for his role inciting the Capitol Hill riots. But he told Fox New’s Greg Gutfeld, Thursday night that he suing the different companies.

“We’re suing Twitter, Facebook, Google. We’re suing them all, a class action suit. Anybody who wants to join, please join,” he said.

Trump also slammed Twitter and claimed he made the site a success.

Trump also savaged Twitter during his sit-down with Gutfeld, claiming he helped turned the site into a success. 

“You know when I went on to Twitter like 12 years ago [it]  was a failed operation. And it became successful and a lot of people said I had a lot to do with it,” he proclaimed. 

‘When they took me off, I had way over 100 million people. And then if you add Facebook and everything else, it’s over 200 million people. That’s a lot. You go from 200 million people to nothing overnight.’