Trump to be tested for coronavirus everyday

President of the United States, Donald Trump

After his personal valet tested positive for the coronavirus-COVID-19, President of the United States, Donald Trump has vowed to take a coronavirus test everyday.

Speaking in the Oval Office after news of the valet’s positive results broke, Trump said the his valet’s results highlight the fact that testing alone is not enough to ensure his safety.

“What happens in between when you got tested and just a couple of days later?” he asked, saying there were “a number of days missed” between when the valet was last tested and when he discovered he had coronavirus.

However, he revealed “very little personal contact” with the man, a US military member, who tested positive. And described the situation as “a little bit strange.”

Trump reiterated his position that Americans were “warriors” in their efforts to overcome the pandemic. 

“We’re all warriors together,” he said. “I am, you are, we all are.”