Trump wins battle for Alaska after losing presidential war

United States President Donald Trump has won the state of Alaska and its three electoral votes, taking his total to 217.

US President Donald Trump

However, the results of that state’s polls are neither surprising nor will they change the national election’s outcome which has seen Democrat Joe Biden surpasses the required 270 electoral votes to clinch the Oval Office.

Biden was declared president-elect last Saturday – four days following the November 3 polls – after projections showed him winning the swing state of Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes, pushing his total to 273. He now has 290 after also winning Michigan and Wisconsin, two states Trump won four years ago.

Two states, Georgia and North Carolina, have not yet been declared for either candidates with the Associated Press also not making projections given the continued counting of ballots and the small margin separating Biden and Trump, who has not yet conceded defeat.