T&T chicken thief ordered to hold funny sign in front of police station

42-year-old Stephan Williams ordered to hold ‘ Thou shall not steal’ sign

A man who was caught attempting to steal a case of chicken meat on Sunday (May 2) was ordered to hold a sign which reads, “ Thou shalt not steal” outside of a police station as punishment.

Reports from police in Trinidad and Tobago are that 42-year-old Stephan Williams broke into a food establishment on the outskirts of the nation’s capital.

The owner of the establishment ,who lives nearby, heard rumblings and went to check; Williams was seen using a long pipe to remove a case of chicken valued at TT $3,000.

An alarm was raised and the police arrested Williams walking along the roadway.

After appearing in magistrate court, Williams was ordered to hold up the sign outside of the police station for three days.

Williams was charged with attempted larceny and placed on a TT$2,000 (One TT dollar-US$0.16 cents) bond and instructed to keep the peace for one year.