T&T police to ramp up supermarket patrols to fight spread of COVID-19

Police in Trinidad and Tobago say they will be increasing patrols in supermarkets across the island to ensure that citizens abide by COVID-19 protocols. 

The news comes amid a spike in COVID-19 cases on the island, including the detection of at least five cases of the Brazilian variant. 

Following a meeting between the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) and  Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) on Tuesday ( April 27) both organizations agreed to a “a novel collaboration” aimed at tackling crowd control.

The collaboration will see an increase in police presence in supermarkets, particularly during the month-end, when most people come out to shop.

The police said they were supporting the call made by retailers which encouraged a limit on the number of persons from a family visiting establishments to shop.

“TTPS also strongly supports SATT’s advisory to the public to limit the number of shoppers from any one family, to one (person) as far as practicable,” said the police in release 

“This is to ensure that the volume of traffic at the stores is reduced in an effort to reduce COVID spread,” the police added.