T&T reports COVID-19 spike after Christmas holidays

Health officials in Trinidad and Tobago are reporting a spike in COVID-19 cases following the Christmas holidays.

The revelation was made by epidemiologist, Dr Avery Hinds, speaking at a COVID-19 press briefing on Monday (January 11).

Hinds said the number of cases had moved from less than 12 per day to the country now reporting new cases numbering close to 20, within a 24-hour period.

“Whereas we had between eight and 12 cases per day, we did note that there were cases rising into the 20s, and this may very well be as a result of any of the gathering activities which may have occurred within the past two weeks, basically the beginning of the Christmas festivities,” Hinds said.

“We’re hoping this doesn’t establish itself as a rising trend but we’re beginning to note an increase,” added Hinds.

On Sunday Trinidad recorded 21 new cases of the virus. To date the country has 7,273 COVID-19 cases and 128 virus-related deaths.