T&T woman felt like a ‘bad mom’ after toddler infected with COVID-19, child makes full recovery

A Trinidad and Tobago woman says she questioned her parenting skills, often feeling guilty, after learning that she along with her two year-old daughter had contracted the deadly coronavirus.

31-year-old Reya Gosine traces her COVID-19 infection to a day in late May when she brought her daughter with her to a relative’s home to collect supplies.

Following the visit to the relative’s home, Gosine said she learned that the family member later tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized.

Gosine, told a local newspaper that, after learning of the relative’s hospitalization, she and her daughter went for testing after they began experiencing flu-like symptoms.

However, prior to the return of the test results, Gosine’s two-year-old daughter, Shreya, became violently ill.

According to Gosine, Shreya had a  body temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which was indicative of a very high fever.

Gosine said her at home checks, using a pulse oximeter, indicated that her daughter’s blood did not contain enough oxygen, which further worried her.

The mom told the press that she had attempted to call the hospital several times without a response and was forced to break quarantine as she rushed her daughter to hospital.

“It had really bad moments. I felt helpless. Some people would say this is my fault and I’m such a bad mother—whatever it may be,” Gosine told the press.

“ I had those moments, those feelings even though it could have happened to anybody,” she added.

Following her daughter’s four day stay in hospital, Gosine shared that Shreya had been recovering well.

The ordeal, according to Gosine, has definitely been an eye opening one, with the mom encouraging others to take all the necessary precautions, noting that unless absolutely it was necessary stay indoors.