TT’s Central Bank releases design concepts for new polymer banknotes series

The design concept notes.

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago recently released the polymer design concepts for the $50, $20, $10, $5 and $1 bills.

Some of the bills are meant to go into circulation in September 2020, however, the paper notes will be legal tender until the end of 2021. The new polymer notes will co-circulate with the existing notes as legal tender.

Nationals will be allowed longer redemption period, as compared with the introduction of the $100 note where they had a month to exchange paper notes for polymer.

Each bill has maintained its individual signature colour, but the $50 note has a new makeover, now more orange without any green highlights.

The new designs are in line with the $100 note that went into circulation in December 2019. They also form part of the Central Bank’s strategic plan aimed at improving the durability of banknotes, increase capacity to protect against forgery and allow for easier recognition by the visually impaired. In addition to the new $100 note, the only other polymer note currently in circulation is the $50 bill.