T&T’s PM further tightens COVID-19 measures

The people of Trinidad and Tobago were placed under tighter COVID-19 measures over the weekend, as cases of the virus in the country continue to surge.

Prime Minister Keith Rowley expressed disappointment at the citizens’ reaction to the measures announced early last week.

As a result, while speaking at a press conference on Friday (May 7) Rowely noted that he was implementing new tougher measures, which included a further limitation on movement, noting that bad behaviour has consequences.

According to Rowley, only absolutely essential movement will be allowed, as he asked the country to “ batten down”.

The new restrictions mean stricter work-from-home rules, as well as a halt to all construction.

“We have not yet lost control of the virus but if we do not tighten the grip on what we know has to be done, we will lose the grip on managing the level of infection in the country. We are not prepared to let that happen,” said Rowley.

The PM also asked the police commissioner Gary Griffith to find ways to “encourage” people to obey the COVID-19 regulations.

“The police have broad responsibilities to point out, to coerce, to restrain, to charge, to close and I expect that they would use all of those authorities towards the effect of having people not congregate, having people not encourage congregation, having people not providing facilities for the congregation and, in short, breaking the law,” Rowley added.