T&T’s PM to meet with US officials in hopes of getting more vaccines

Trinidad and Tobago is seeking to get its hands on a portion of the  80 million vaccines, which the United States last week Monday (May 17) announced that it would be donating internationally. 

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said that vaccines would be high on the agenda, when he speaks with US House Majority Whip Congressman, James Clyburn, during a virtual meeting on Thursday (May 27). 

Trinidad and Tobago’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Amery Browne

Foreign Affairs Minister Amery Browne said that Rowely had previously written to US President Joe Biden and other US officials on the matter. 

Browne said the country was hoping to get as many vaccines from the US as is possible. 

“We’re seeking as many as we can get,” said Browne 

T&T’s lobby efforts on-going 

According to Browne, Rowley is also to meet with with the US President’s senior director for global health security, Dr Beth Cameron. 

Browne shared that Cameron is the lead policymaker for US’s global vaccine strategy and discussions would also be had with her as the country ramps up its lobbying efforts. 

The Foreign Affairs minister said that T&T was also lobbying international organizations like the UN, in addition to its European partners. 

“Such meetings and interjections will continue at all levels aimed not just at pressing for details of the vaccine initiative to be finalised and disseminated as soon as possible but also seeking to proactively shape those details in favour of T&T and Caricom,” Browne said.