Tufton clarifies removal of COVID-19 expenditure post

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton on Wednesday explained that a post detailing government expenditure in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was removed from social media because it was not clearly visible.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton (Photo: JIS)

Tufton said contrary opinions that the post was removed to hide expenses from the public’s view, it was taken down to improve transparency as the document was illegible.

Speaking with BUZZ, Tufton said even the screenshot of the post used by the site showed that the contents of the document were almost unreadable which defeats the purpose of transparency.

The first page of the document which was posted to the Ministry’s Instagram page and later removed.

He went on to add that the document would be made available in a more legible way.  The document has since been reposted to the ministry’s Twitter page.

When pressed about some of the criticism in relation to the document in question, particularly televisions for quarantine facilities, he noted that the items purchased were all necessary, particularly for the comfort of those staying in State-run accommodations.

Tufton further added that the ministry so far spent $2.5 billion, of an initial $2.8 billion allocation from the Finance Ministry, as part efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

He noted that costs covered by the funds include the retrofitting of five facilities to quarantine or otherwise isolate and care for persons who are suspected of or confirmed to have COVID-19, including the installation of network infrastructure in some instances, and the provision of soft furnishings, together with hand-washing stations.