Tufton says hesitancy could result in jabs being wasted

Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton has said that vaccine hesitancy could result in some jabs being dumped.

Tufton made the statement as he shared that the ministry would discard expired vaccines, noting that the efficacy of the doses were of utmost importance.

According to Tufton, the ministry’s strategy is dynamic and will change depending on the specifics relating to the vaccine batch.

 “To understand why we are in the position that we’re in given any particular vaccine batch, is a function of how the vaccine is acquired. And we adjust our strategy to deal with the population while still holding very firm to ensuring efficacy of the vaccines,” Tufton explained.

“And there will come a point where they will have to dump some of the vaccines for all of these reasons, including hesitancy which is why we want Jamaicans to take-up once they have the offer,” added Tufton.