Tufton tweets the arena is empty, man responds highlighting lack of transport on no movement days

In a bid to ramp up inoculations, Minister of Health Christopher Tufton on Sunday (October 17) shared that the National Arena was empty.

Tufton made the disclosure in a tweet.

“People, the national arena is EMPTY, please go out and get vaccinated,” tweeted Tufton.

“We have both the AstraZeneca and the one dose Johnson & Johnson available,” he added.

In sharing the information, Tufton seemed to have hoped that Jamaicans would have taken full advantage of the opportunity.

However, one Twitter user quick to respond, pointed out that it was not that simple for the majority of Jamaicans.

“Majority of Jamaicans don’t own a vehicle and don’t have a driver’s license to drive a vehicle so how they gonna move around when public transportation legally BANNED on no movement day,” tweeted one user in response.

“Route taxi associations been begging for exemptions to help yall,” the user added.

It seemed to be the common sentiment among a large majority of the respondents, who noted that they did not have access to vaccination sites on no movement days, due to the lack of public transportation.

“Today is a no movement day take it from someone who actually travels on days like these……THERE IS LIMITED ACCESS TO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!!!!!! VERY LIMITED,” said one Twitter user.

“Tufton u know how much to take a cab to a vaccination site on a no movement day?? The fare flipple ok !! So nobody nah go lef dem yaad in a no movement day to get vax ,it’s costly ok,” added another.