Twitter disables Trump’s tribute video to George Floyd

A video posted on President Donald’s Twitter account paying tribute to George Floyd has been disabled by the platform, citing a copyright complaint.

The video, used as a campaign tribute is a collation of photos and videos of protest marches and instances of violence in the aftermath of Floyd’s death, with Trump speaking in the background.   

US President Donald Trump

Floyd’s an unarmed black man died in police custody on May 25. In widely circulated video footage, a white officer Derek Chauvin was seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck as Floyd gasped for air and repeatedly pleaded with the officer, ‘I can’t breathe,’ before passing out.

His death has led to protests all over the US, and other cities around the world.

Twitter’s decision to remove President’s Trump video is the latest in an on-going feud between the President and social media platform which started when the platform fact checking Trump’s tweet.

Trump retaliated with issuing an executive order which aimed to limit some of the protection given to social media platforms.