Two key Rise United members cut from Dr Peter Phillips’ Shadow Cabinet

Dr Dayton Campbell cut from Shadow Cabinet.

Two key members from Peter Bunting’s Rise United presidential campaign — Drs Dayton Campbell and Angela Brown Burke — have been kicked from the Opposition’s Council of Spokespersons.

The two were not among the list of spokespersons announced by Dr Peter Phillips Thursday (Oct 3). Noel Arscott, the spokesperson on community development and social transformation and Ronald Thwaites, the shadow minister on education were also out.

Dr Angela Brown Burke

Campbell was the Opposition spokesperson on health and Brown Burke, the shadow minister for local government.

Bunting was switched to spokesperson for Education and training while his other main supporter in the presidential election Mark Golding retains his post as spokesperson for finance and the public service.

Here is the full list of the Shadow Cabinet

  • Leader of the Opposition; Planning and Development, and Defence: Dr. Peter Phillips, Dr Andre Haughton (Planning and Development)
  • Finance and the Public Service: Mr Mark Golding, Senator Lambert Brown (Public Service)
  • National Security: Mr Fitz Jackson
  • Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade: Lisa Hanna
  • Justice and Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate: Senator Donna Scott Mottley
  • Education and Training: Peter Bunting, Mr Michael Stewart (Teacher Development and Stakeholder Relations)
  • Health and Wellness, and Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives: Dr Morais Guy
  • Industry, Competitiveness and Global Logistics: Mr Anthony Hylton
  • Tourism: Dr Wykeham McNeill
  • Transport and Works: Mikael Phillips
  • Water, Environment and Climate Change: Dr Fenton Ferguson
  • Labour, Social Security and Special Abilities: Horace Dalley, Senator Dr Floyd Morris (Social Security and Special Abilities)
  • Mining and Energy: Phillip Paulwell
  • Science, Technology and Information: Julian Robinson
  • Land and Housing: Senator Sophia Fraser Binns, Richard Azan (Housing)
  • Agriculture and Rural Development: Victor Wright
  • Local Government: Natalie Neita, MP
  • Social Transformation, Community Development and Culture: Senator Damion Crawford
  • Youth, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sports: Denise Daley, Dwayne Vaz (Youth and Entertainment) & Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the House

These political portfolio appointments were made

  • Venesha Phillips: National Security
  • null
  • Patricia Duncan Sutherland: Education and Training
  • Dr. Walton Small: Education and Training
  • Dr Shane Alexis: Health and Wellness
  • Imani Duncan-Price: Industry, Competitiveness and Global Logistics
  • Wavell Hinds: Sports
  • Andre Hylton: Transport and Works
  • Valenton Wint: Mining and Energy
  • Ewan Stephenson: Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Mark Malabver: Water, Environment and Climate Change
  • Joan Gordon-Webley: Local Government
  • Zuleika Jess: Social Transformation, Community Development and Culture