Two women caught dressing older to get COVID vaccine

Something is always going down in Florida, it seems.

Two women were issued warnings after they turned up for coronavirus vaccines which are being administered to priority individuals including healthcare and people over 65 years old.

However, the pair was neither. If you’re confused, well…here goes. It turns out the women dressed up to appear older than their 35 and 45 years to get the vaccine shot in Orlando.

The bonnets, gloves and glasses weren’t enough to fool officials who realized they altered the birthdates on their vaccination registration to bypass the state’s system.

The worst part is, they seemingly already received the first shot of the two-dose vaccine.

In a video shared by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy can be heard telling the women, “You’ve stolen a vaccine from somebody that needs it more than you.”

The two were given a warning which essentially bans them from returning to the convention center, not for a vaccine, a show or a convention. And rightly so!