Two women in custody in connection with brutal beating of teen in Barbican

At least two women have turned themselves in to the police following an illegal party that left a teen on a life support machine.

On Friday, it was revealed that two suspects, a 29-year-old and 33-year-old, had turned themselves in to the police in connection with the incident.

Reports are that the teen was involved in a fight with about six other women at an illegal party on Boysie Lane, off Barbican Road, in St Andrew on November 7.

Police shared that the event was originally shut down by lawmen from the Grants Pen Police Station at about 7:45 p.m.

On arrival of the officers, a laptop was seized, and all patrons who had gathered at the party were instructed to leave.

However, later that evening, police say they received a report that a teen and another woman were beaten and stabbed by a group of females at the same location.

Not a troublemaker

The teen’s mom, Veneisha Buckley, in a Facebook Live video, explained that she understood that the fight got going because of a “bad stare”.

Buckley shared that the teen’s friend approached the woman as a way of clarifying the matter when a fight ensued.

According to Buckley, one of the women in the fight, who has since turned herself in to the police, told her that initially her daughter was not involved in the ordeal but joined as a means of helping her friend.

“Kaylan is a fighter, but not a troublemaker. If you attack her, she will defend herself, but she will not attack you,” said Buckley.

The mother went on to explain that one of the six women used a Hennessy bottle to hit her daughter in the head.

“I heard that Kaylan was on the ground for nearly an hour and nobody helped her… everyone was running all round the place saying that she’s dead, ” added a very emotional Buckley.

According to the mother, her daughter remains unable to breathe on her own, with doctors having told her that she has a fractured skull and may even be paralyzed.