Tyquendo Tracey says he’s disappointed but will make it up to supporters

Sprinter Tyquendo Tracey took to Instagram early Saturday morning  (July 31) to explain why he did not participate in the men’s 100 m heats.

Tracey was to compete in round 1 of the heats, however, the Jamaican sat the race out due to a reported hamstring injury.

A deeply disappointed, hurt and confused Tracey shared with his Instagram following that he began feeling a sharp pain a few days prior while training.

The pain was enough for Tracey to stop training , later doing an ultrasound which indicated that the injury may not have been “that bad”.

“I did an ultra sound which indicated that something happened but it didn’t appear to be that bad of an injury. While warming up this morning/evening, the pain only got worst,” said Tracey on Instagram.

“To everyone who supported me, just want to say thanks and I will make it up to everyone including myself,” he added.

Tracey further explained that the reason he didn’t share this before was because he was hopeful he would be okay.

Fan reactions to Tracey’s IG post

While fans of Tracey where also deeply disappointed, many showed their support for the sprinter who was participating at the Olympic Games for the first time.

“Still love and proud you,” said one fan on the Gram.

“My mind told me something happened..Get well soon,” added another.