UK deportee says he is being punished twice

Rupert Smith (Photo:

Rupert Smith left Jamaica to live in the United Kingdom when he was just 13-years-old. On Tuesday, the 32-year-old was one of 17 people on a chartered flight being deported back to Jamaica.

In 2016, Smith jailed for 15 months after attacking a man with a wrench.

But Smith is adamant that he served his time for the crime, and that he’s being punished again by being flown unwillingly back to a country that he barely knows.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight in Kingston, the father-of-three says he feels ‘numb, hurt and wounded’ and has begged for a second chance to stay in the UK.  

Smith says he he feels ’empty’ and that his youngest daughter, who turned four today, ‘cried her eyes out’ because he wasn’t there to celebrate her birthday. 

‘I’m numb, hurt, wounded. There’s a lot of words to go for. The one at the moment is just ‘numb’. There is no sensation, no feeling,’ he told Newsnight.

‘Someone has just taken everything about your life from you. You just feel empty. Just emptiness.

“My whole family, life, partner, kids, mum, brother, sister, niece, nephews, cousins – everyone’s abroad. So literally, I’m out here, doing what?”