UK man found guilty of killing nine cats

Steve Bouquet has been labeleld Brighton’s cat killer

A British man has been found guilty of killing nine cats in Brighton UK. Steve Bouquet is reported to have stabbed at least 16 cats, nine died, while he left seven for dead.

Bouquet killed the cats over a period of eight months at a resort, and authorities believe he’s also the man responsible for other cat killings in the city.

He was tried in absence in court, and will be arrested when doctors have finished assessing his physical and mental state.

According to the Daily Mail, Bouquet obsessively searched online for coverage of his animal cruelty. He even copied reports from Brighton’s daily paper The Argus and The Guardian onto his phone as news of his crimes spread.

His Honour Judge Jeremy Gold QC described the attacks as very unpleasant and said they had a significant impact on the owners who relied on their cats for companionship and comfort.

“The very thought of having a knife plunged into their beloved pet is a serious matter,’ the judge said. “I take a very serious view of this case. There will be consequences.”