UK teen suspended from school for selling ‘squirts’ of hand sanitizer

Photo shared by the Jenny Tompkins who explained why he son had come home early from school on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

A UK teen who was caught selling “squirts” of hand sanitizer to his friends at Dixons Unity Academy in Leeds has been suspended from school.

The teen’s mom, Jenny Tompkins, in a Facebook post on Wednesday (March 11) confirmed that her son had been suspended from the school.

According to Tompkins, her son was suspended for the day, after he had been caught selling students a squirt of hand sanitizer to protect themselves from the coronavirus for 50p.

Tompkins revealed that her son made £9 from the sales which he used to purchase a multi-pack of Doritos and is saving the rest to buy a kebab

“Very hard to discipline this behaviour when his dad phones him from work to call him a [expletive deleted] legend 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️,”said the teen’s mom on Facebook .

The teen returned to school on Thursday (March 12) but his mom is not convinced he has learned his lesson.

“Has he learnt his lesson? Absolutely not as due to all the media coverage he got, he earnt even more money than he did yesterday charging people for his autograph!!! 🙈,” said Tompkins in Facebook post on Thursday.