UK’s new immigration laws not expected to hit Caribbean nationals hard

British High Commissioner to Jamaica, Asif Ahmad is assuring Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals not be alarmed at Britain’s new immigration laws.

In fact, he said that citizens of Caribbean countries with high value skills may benefit from these new laws.

The British government will be closing its borders to unskilled workers, and non-english speakers.

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British High Commissioner to Jamaica, Asif Ahmad

Under the new laws, the threshold for foreign nationals will be lowered from degree to A’Levels.

Only the cream of the crop among highly skilled will be allowed in, without having already landed a job.

The new global immigration system to be introduced “prioritises the skills people have to offer and how they will contribute to the UK’s economy”.

Ahmad said that employers were expected to adjust to a higher-wage and -skill economy.

“The government is also offering a fast-track visa scheme for foreign doctors and nurses to work in the NHS (National Health Service) as part of the immigration overhaul.

“Applicants coming to work in the NHS will receive preferential treatment with extra points under the points-based system, and no cap on numbers entering through the NHS route,” Ahmad added.