UN reports 1 of every 3 Venezuelans suffering from hunger

A true crisis: Many Venezuelans are forced to scavenge for food among the trash in cities like Caracas. (Photo: AL DÍA News)

The results of a recently done study by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has found that one in every three Venezuelans is unable to meet the minimum nutrition requirements.

The results, which were published on Sunday, suggest that about 9.3 million persons are moderate to severe food insecurity in the South American nation currently beset by several challenges.

The WFP report highlighted many residents have been living off tubers and beans with limited access to other types of food. With high inflation, it has also meant that salaries have been unable to meet the rising prices in relation to food items.

The survey, which collected data from over 8000 questionnaires, found that 74% of families have adopted food-related coping strategies such as reducing the variety and quality of food that they eat and cutting meal sizes. 

The situation in Venezuela continues to be a trying one as political and economic challenges have placed the oil-rich nation in a spot of worry.

It’s uncertain when things will change but for now, it has resulted in over 4.5 million Venezuelans leaving the country.