United States to end its funding of Jamaica’s National Integrity Action

The United States government is scheduled to end its funding of the National Integrity Action (NIA) after the current agreement is completed next month.

Donald Tapia, the US Ambassador to Jamaica

A total of US$10.9m million has been invested in the NIA since it started in 2011, and this, it is understood, will now be used to help fund the judicial system on the island and reduce the backlog of court cases.

This will be in addition to the US’s programme currently taking place across the island that fights juvenile delinquency. The US is also assisting members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to compile reports.

According to the NIA, it is a non-profit organisation combatting corruption and building integrity in Jamaica.

The US Ambassador to Jamaica, Donald Tapia, had said on January 30 at a Rotary Club of Kingston luncheon that his administration is not happy with the return it was getting on the investment in an anti-corruption body.